Monday, December 31, 2012

List of New year parties and events

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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Top 5 IT certifications for 2013

This is the right time to set your 2013 goals because 2012 is approaching to its end. Achieving a professional certification is a way to improve your skills and enhance your chances of getting hired. Now a days there are so many certifications that are in the market so if you are confused about which certification to achieve in 2013, following are the top 5 IT certifications for 2013 based on expert opinion, research and Google trends.
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1. MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate)
Following is the salary range and average salary for professionals having this certification:
  • Salary Range: $52,000 to $115,000
  • Average Salary: $59,000
Following are the most popular certifications for MCSA:
  • MCSA: Windows 2012 Server
  • MCSA: SQL Server 2012
  • MCSA: Windows 8
  • MCSA: SharePoint 2013
Remember that Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) certification is a prerequisite to the MCSE expert-level certifications. You can refer to Microsoft Learning website for further details of these certifications.
2. MCSE: Private Cloud
Private Cloud gives you expertise in managing and implementing Microsoft private cloud computing technologies. By this certification you can build your Microsoft private cloud solution to optimize IT services as well as gain the automation flexibility for your IT infrastructure.
Following is the salary range and average salary for professionals having this certification
  • Salary Range: $52,000 to $102,000
  • Average Salary: $61,000
This private cloud certification is as popular as the rival CompTIA and CCP cloud certifications. Microsoft is discontinuing its MCITP program in 2014 and promoting MCSE’s. This way you can get jump start for 2014 certifications.
 3. PMP (Project Management Professional)
Following is the salary range and average salary for professionals having this certification:
  • Salary Range: $65,000 to $93,000
  • Average Salary: $86,000
PMP is kind of certification which will never be outdated. This is a certification which fits in every field. PMP certification allows IT professional to plan, budget and manage IT projects. It will be a very good addition in your resume.
4. VCP (VMware Certified Professional)
Following is the salary range and average salary for professionals having this certification:
  • Salary Range: $59,000 to $80,000
  • Average Salary: $69,000
The main purpose of virtualization or creating virtual platforms for computing is to increase scalability and reduce infrastructure and hardware cost. There is a lot of potential in the virtualization industry and it is rapidly growing. VMware is the leader in virtualization software as well as certifications. They are becoming popular and their certifications are very much valuable.
5. CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional)
Following is the salary range and average salary for professionals having this certification:
  • Salary Range: $65,000 to $111,000
  • Average Salary : $80,000
In order to protect organization’s systems, data and networks, information security architects are becoming very much popular these days. Nowadays companies are shifting towards storing data in cloud systems so security experts have a very important role to secure these systems just like they are secured in-house. That is why the CISSP certification is in high demand and normally the CISSP professionals receive highest average salary.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Top 18 pictures from Rainy day in Dubai...

Check out some kool pics of rainy day in Dubai taken today morning...

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Monday, December 3, 2012

McAfee Anti-virus pioneer John McAfee caught

Have a look at the link below for the detailed information

Interns required for iOS and Android platforms

Interns required for iOS and Android platforms. Optimtec Inc. is looking for fresh graduates for internship. Get trained for the future of smart devices. 


Good in Object orientation programming. 
Good analytical skills.

Should have keen interest in mobile development and game programing.

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Sunday, December 2, 2012

How to get comma separated values in a single select statement

Sometimes you want to get comma separated values from another table in the same select statement, for this you can use the following approaches

--Approach 1
                   FROM   Audience_Type
                   WHERE  Id_Aud_Type IN (SELECT value
                                          FROM   dbo.fn_Split ('1,2,3', ','))
                   FOR    XML PATH (''))), 3, 1000)
FROM   Request;

--Approach 2
                   FROM   Audience_Type AS t2
                   WHERE  t2.RequestID = req.RequestID
                   FOR    XML PATH (''))), 3, 1000) AS Aud_Type
FROM   SOP_Request AS req;


You just have to replace the table/column names (Aud_Type, Audience_Type, Id_Aud_Type, SOP_Request) with your ones

--Split Function  which is being used in approach 1
CREATE FUNCTION [dbo].[fn_Split]
(@sText VARCHAR (8000), @sDelim VARCHAR (20)=' ')
    @retArray TABLE (
        idx   SMALLINT       PRIMARY KEY,
        value VARCHAR (8000))
@value AS VARCHAR (8000),
@bcontinue AS BIT,
@iDelimlength AS TINYINT;
    IF @sDelim = 'Space'
            SET @sDelim = ' ';
    SET @idx = 0;
    SET @sText = LTrim(RTrim(@sText));
    SET @iDelimlength = DATALENGTH(@sDelim);
    SET @bcontinue = 1;
    IF NOT ((@iDelimlength = 0)
            OR (@sDelim = 'Empty'))
            WHILE @bcontinue = 1
                    --If you can find the delimiter in the text, retrieve the first element and
                    --insert it with its index into the return table.
                    IF CHARINDEX(@sDelim, @sText) > 0
                            SET @value = SUBSTRING(@sText, 1, CHARINDEX(@sDelim, @sText) - 1);
                                INSERT  @retArray (idx, value)
                                VALUES           (@idx, @value);
                            --Trim the element and its delimiter from the front of the string.
                            --Increment the index and loop.
                            SET @iStrike = DATALENGTH(@value) + @iDelimlength;
                            SET @idx = @idx + 1;
                            SET @sText = LTrim(RIGHT(@sText, DATALENGTH(@sText) - @iStrike));
                            --If you can’t find the delimiter in the text, @sText is the last value in
                            SET @value = @sText;
                                INSERT  @retArray (idx, value)
                                VALUES           (@idx, @value);
                            --Exit the WHILE loop.
                            SET @bcontinue = 0;
            WHILE @bcontinue = 1
                    --If the delimiter is an empty string, check for remaining text
                    --instead of a delimiter. Insert the first character into the
                    --retArray table. Trim the character from the front of the string.
                    --Increment the index and loop.
                    IF DATALENGTH(@sText) > 1
                            SET @value = SUBSTRING(@sText, 1, 1);
                                INSERT  @retArray (idx, value)
                                VALUES           (@idx, @value);
                            SET @idx = @idx + 1;
                            SET @sText = SUBSTRING(@sText, 2, DATALENGTH(@sText) - 1);
                            --One character remains.
                            --Insert the character, and exit the WHILE loop.
                            INSERT  @retArray (idx, value)
                            VALUES           (@idx, @sText);
                            SET @bcontinue = 0;

--ATLTUsers.eoEmployingorganization_ID in (SELECT value from dbo.fn_Split('''+@EOID+ ''', '',''))'


Monday, September 3, 2012

Report Viewer: Export to Excel in One Sheet

When you group your report based on some column, and then try to export to excel, it inserts a page break after certain records.

If you want to export complete data in one sheet of excel workbook. Do the followings

1. Right Click on Rdlc file
2. Select Open With
3. Select "XML (Text) Editor"
4. Add this tag <InteractiveHeight>0in</InteractiveHeight> inside <Page> tag

5. Save the file
6. Open the report
7. Remove all other page breaks from the reports
8. Remove the group page break as show in the attached image

9. Remove the report viewer height

Run the report, it will show results in one window as well as it will export the data in a single sheet of excel workbook

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

IE8 taking too much CPU

You might face a problem that IE8 is consuming too much CPU. Sometimes upto 100%.

My scenario was that a windows update installed IE9 but I was required to work on IE8. So I uninstalled IE9 and I was back on IE8. Everything was working fine before this uninstall. But suddenly after uninstall, IE8 started taking too much time to load web application, even refreshing the page was going to stuck every time and it was consuming 100% CPU.

What I did was I tried this option.

Go to Tools, Internet Options, Advanced and Click Reset. you may select the "Delete personal settings" check box as I did, and then click on reset. It will take some time and ask you to restart the IE8. After that everything works fine...:)

You may try another option of disabling the Ad-On services by doing this

Go to Tools, Options, Programs, Manage Add-Ons.

Good Luck...:)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How to close jQuery ColorBox on file download

Lets suppose you want to display a custom message in a jquery colorbox before a user can download a file, on clicking an agree button on that colorbox, user should be prompted to download/save/open the file and the colorbox should be closed, use the following steps to do so

1. Agree button event handler on the colorbox page should do this

protected void btnAgree_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
        Session["FilePath"] = YourCompleteFilePath;//put your complete file path here
        ScriptManager.RegisterClientScriptBlock(Page, Page.GetType(), "popupclose", "window.location.href='DownloadFile1.aspx';parent.$.colorbox.close();", true);          
2. Page load on the DownloadFile1.aspx should have the following code

byte[] FileData = new byte[0];
            string filePath = Server.MapPath(Session["FilePath"].ToString());
            FileInfo file = new FileInfo(filePath);
            if (file.Exists)//set appropriate headers
                Response.AddHeader("Content-Disposition", "attachment; filename=" + file.Name);
                Response.AddHeader("Content-Length", file.Length.ToString());
                Response.ContentType = "application/octet-stream";